Drug Treatment Court

Court Services Supervisor
Kelsey Christensen

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Door County Drug Treatment Court is a treatment-based alternative to jail, prison, and the standard probation model. The justice system works cooperatively with treatment and other community services to provide each participant with all the possible tools needed to get into recovery, stay in recovery, and lead a productive, crime-free life.

 The Treatment Court program lasts for a minimum of 14 months. Participants meet regularly with the Treatment Court Judge to review their progress and address positive/negative behaviors. In addition to judicial supervision, participants also have required supervision with their probation agent and the court services coordinator. Treatment is a key component to the Treatment Court Program and participants are required to engage in the recommended level of treatment.

 December 21, 2020 the Drug Treatment Court accepted the first program participant. Since then the Treatment Court has had 9 referrals, with a total of 6 individuals accepted into the Drug Treatment Court program. Throughout 2021, 4 program participants utilized residential treatment facilities and sober-living outside of our county. When in county, all 6 of our participants have been engaged in individual and group treatment through Department of Health and Human Services. Additionally, 2 of our participants are also engaged in Comprehensive Community Services, which provides additional supports for individuals.

 Since Treatment Court is a new program, there has not yet been a successful graduation. However, there has been several successes throughout the year. Some of these successes include 6 individuals successfully maintaining their recovery, 4 individuals employed in our county, one baby born not addicted to substances, and one successful parent-child reunification.