Records may be obtained by calling the Records Clerk at (920)746-2415 or by filling out the online form Public Records Request

If the cost of copying/recording is estimated to be $5.00 or more, pre-payment will be requested.  Payment for records must be made in advance in the form of cash, check or credit card.  If paying by credit card please follow this link Point & Pay

Cost for records is as follows:

Incident and/or Crash Reports can be emailed free of charge.  To obtain a photocopy by mail or in person cost is .15/page.

Photographs: CD $0.21

Photographs: DVD $0.25

Audio 911 Recording: DVD $0.25

Flash drives/USB’s: $7.52 (8GB) (If larger flash drive is needed, cost will be calculated) 

Arbitrator DVD $0.25

Jail Recordings (DVD’s) $0.25

Location Fee: May only be imposed if the cost of location alone is $50 or more.  Includes searching for and identifying responsive records but does not include redaction.

If requesting records to be mailed, postage will be included in your charge for records.