Driveway Permit

Property owners looking to create a new driveway or move an existing one must receive permission from the department that oversees the road that your property will access.

If your driveway is located on a County Highway (for example CTH DK, CTH E or CTH S) you will need to complete the Driveway Permit Application and return it to our office with a $40 fee made payable to the Door County Highway Department. If you have any questions or concerns regarding driveway permits, please contact the Patrol Superintendent at 920-746-2504

Door County Driveway Permit Application (PDF)

If your driveway is located on a State Highway (STH 42 or STH 57) please contact the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Regional office at 920-492-0148

State Driveway Permit Application

State Driveway Location Sketch Form

If your driveway is located on a town or village road (all named roads - for example Juddville Road, Stevenson Pier Road or  Lake Lane) please contact your town office.