The Finance Department is responsible for broad scope financial matters including overall financial management, accounting, reporting, budgeting, internal auditing and financial record keeping. The Department assists County Departments to insure effective administration and implementation of approved financial policies, plans and programs


The Finance Department will administer and account for the financial resources of the County in accordance with County Board policy, State and Federal Regulations, GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), and GASB (Governmental Accounting Standards Board).  The Finance Department will also provide financial information to the governing body to enable them in the decision making process and will provide financial, purchasing, and printing services to meet the needs of the various departments.

The County Finance Department is responsible for:

  • The preparation and maintenance of the Annual Budget, 2020 budget amount of $81,134,072 (capital and operation)
  • Accounting including general ledger, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, purchasing and printing
  • Auditing of all County records
  • Cash management, debt management and investment program

Under the direction of the Finance Committee, the Finance Department shall:

  • Determine the methods and procedures for keeping all accounts of the County
  • Be vested with the authority to establish accounting and reporting systems
  • Designate such financial books as may be deemed necessary and appropriate for all offices, departments and sub-units in the County

Upon the Direction of the Finance committee, the Finance Department shall:

  • Examine the books and accounts of any county officer, board, commission, committee, trustee, or other officer or employee entrusted with the receipt, custody or expenditure of money, or on whose authorization any funds appropriated by the County Board are expended, whether compensated for services by fees or by salary, and all original bills and vouchers on which monies have been paid out and all receipts of monies received by them.
  • Have free access to such books, accounts, bills, vouchers, and receipts as often as may be necessary to perform the duties required.
  • Report the results of the examinations to the Finance Committee and the County Board.
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